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Between top class pre-amps including  Neve, Neve Design, Focusrite and Audient, and leading industry microphones such as Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, and Audix to name just a few, the sound that is captured is second to none.


The rooms at Harper Lane Studios have been professionally treated and give many options to create the very sound you are looking for, from a vaulted ceiling room to a vocal booth, Harper Lane Studios has you sorted.  


There are also a large range of inhouse instruments that are at clients disposal, these include a Yamaha U3 piano, Vox AC30, Boss Katana twin guitar amp, Mark Bass head and cabinet, drum kit, an array of electric guitars, acoustic guitars, a bass guitar and a range of effect pedals to name a few.


All this coupled with your vision and talent, means that your music will really come alive.


For post-production, Harper Lane Studios has a range of outboard and in the box tools to finish the job right. From pultec Style and Neve equalisers, through different compressors and limiters to our favourite go to plugins’, Harper Lane Studios is where music come alive. 


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